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3 Jan 2020
Last updated 3 Jan 2020 / Written by Henry / Posted in LE News

We’re entering a new age of consumer consciousness where activism is at the top of the agenda and brands taking a stand is no longer an option, but a necessity. Today’s travellers want to know you have a purpose behind what you do.

At LE Miami, we’re all about championing causes and encouraging rebellious brands to speak out and take action the things that matter most – to them and their guests. Here’s how some of our Collective are wearing their activist ideals on their sleeve by making sustainability a core part of everything they do.


REBEL: 1 Hotels
CAUSE: Making the most out of wind power

The super-chic, eco-luxe 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is 100% wind powered, occupying a true niche in the sustainability space. Plus, more than half of the materials used in the build were reclaimed and regionally sourced – from recycled closet hangers to hemp-blend Keetsa mattresses – and there’s even a free fleet of Tesla cars for guests.

1 Hotel
Innovative eco interiors at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge – via Get Real Surfaces

REBEL: Velaa Private Island
CAUSE: Restoring reefs and protecting ecosystems

This slice of paradise in the Maldives has a Marine Centre that delivers a comprehensive coral care project, including reef restoration, marine life monitoring and educational programmes. As “guardians of the sea”, their sustainability initiatives are more than skin-deep, teaching guests at the exclusive hideaway how to look after the oceans for future generations.

Velaa Private Island
Keeping the oceans blue at Velaa Private Island – via Traveller Made

REBEL: Monaci delle Terre Nere
CAUSE: Supplementing the ‘slow food’ movement

A true country boutique, organic food and complete self-sustenance are top of the menu at Monaci. Guests can get involved in the on-site farm and wine estate, actively contributing to the comprehensive slow-living experience and getting fully immersed in the hotel’s “Eco-Bio” identity.

Monaci delle Terre Nere
Deluxe, rustic and totally immersive sustainable living – via Monaci delle Terre Nere

REBEL: Wilderness Safaris
CAUSE: Committing to conservation and communities

Wilderness have been blazing a trail for high-end eco-tourism for decades, dedicated to not only preserving and restoring Africa’s wilderness and wildlife but also changing the lives of local communities. They show that a local ecosystem is about human beings as well as flora and fauna – encouraging guests to further the cause when they return home.

Wilderness Safaris
The Tubu Tree Camp eco-lodge at Wilderness Safaris – via Southern Destinations

REBEL: The Brando
CAUSE: Going fully carbon neutral

Positioning themselves as “stewards of Tetiaroa”, The Brando’s commitment to carbon neutrality is second to none. Their innovative renewable initiatives span a Sea Water Air Conditioning system (yep, that’s a thing) and extensive strip of solar panels, as well as flow-batteries made from recycled materials and a fully biofuel capable resort.

The Brando
At one with nature on The Brando private island in French Polynesia – via Jacada Travel

Are you ready to join the rebels reshaping your industry? To take risks? To be inspired by something provocative? Then it’s time to be part of the movement built on breaking convention; on inspiring connections, causes and creativity.

The future of contemporary travel belongs to those who dare to be different.

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