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Our Story

Our Mission

To create the only community needed by the most forward-thinking leaders of contemporary travel.

Traditional luxury
belongs in the past

At the end of the 20th century the emergence of the ‘creative class’ traveller transformed the luxury industry. By turning away from standardisation and demanding unique, culturally connected experiences, they fuelled the rise of modern ‘lifestyle’ hotels – the type of places inspired by creativity, design and local communities. In short: contemporary travel.

The L.E/Miami Movement

Our founders – the masterminds behind PURE Life Experiences, We Are Africa and Further East – Serge Dive and Sarah Ball, wanted to create a platform for the rebels of the industry. For those committed to taking it to exciting, unexpected places. The Art Basel of contemporary travel. They took inspiration from the non-conformist spirit of Impressionist art and the boutique hotels of the 1980s – movements whose instigators kicked back against the establishment, shook off initial ridicule and forever changed the path of their industries.

You are
where you stay

The creative class share a mindset, not a career or industry, and don’t want to conform to an expected persona. They are not only defined by clothes they wear but also by the hotels they choose. Because every act of consumption is an act of construction – their choices build their image and kick-start trends. Put simply, for them, “You are where you stay”.


Everyone who’s part of L.E/Miami – from our event team to our collective – share a rebel spirit. We’re united by it and guided by it. Here’s how we like to rebel.
  • Be bold
    Express yourself and be who you want to be. True rebels embrace originality, take risks and kick out against convention. And they never hold back.
  • Be progressive
    Experiment with unexpected creativity and constant reinvention. Being contemporary is all about fresh perspectives and radical changes, so look for inspiration in unlikely places.
  • Be open
    Embrace the power of your people and the possibilities they provide. The dynamic community around you will enhance your journey and make you better at what you do.

Our Location: Miami

Its patchwork of clashing neighbourhoods meld into a vibrant, international hub for creativity – and make it the natural setting for the world’s only event to connect the high-end contemporary travel industry with the creative class.