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Styling your studio

The show environment for L.E/Miami is sleek, striking and contemporary, in line with the trendsetting buyers and exhibitors who attend. Your productivity and safety are our top priorities, so make sure you have a read through the stand and graphics guidelines below.

Large Studio

Designed for small groups of up to seven hotels globally or brands like chauffeur services, private jets, yachts and DMCs.

What’s included
  • 13.5m² exclusive floor space
  • 2 delegate badges
  • Up to 45 pre-scheduled appointments
  • 3 armchairs and 1 coffee table
  • Back wall graphic with option to upgrade
  • 1 US power outlet
  • Access to 2 evening events + 3 lunches
  • 1 enhanced listing in L.E/Miami’s event directory, The List

Let me upgrade you

Make a statement on the show floor with upgraded graphics:


  • Three full graphic panels (left side wall: 1200mm high x 2360mm wide, central back wall: 1200mm high x 4500mm wide, right side wall: 1200mm high x 2360mm wide).
  • These three panels can be combined into one single image of 1200mm high x 9220mm wide.